Why Stainless Steel Is the Most Precious Metal for Watches

elegant piece of the land seems to be blessed with lot of exquisite and precious metals. With the passage of time, each metal had gained a dominant status in the market and every metal owns a contemporary worth. If we look around, then come to know that, the type of metal which majorly surrounds us is the stainless steel. Since the last decade, stainless steel had acquired a substantial growth and seems to play its considerable role not merely in construction but in the luxury business too. In the kingdom of timepiece, stainless steel is spreading its magic because of its valuable and exclusive possessions. 4,000 years ago, humans were used to made steel by melting iron to deteriorate excess carbon and with the addition of other metals. Later on, when the futuristic era started, people began to crack the codes of stainless steel with unlimited possessions. It is an alloy with the combo of chromium and nickel.

The rarity of something generates the fact of its expensiveness. But in case of stainless steel, the game is different. Considering the stainless steel as the most precious metal for watches retains substantial reasons and poses the other side of the picture. Stainless steel has revolutionized the watch industry. Prestigious watches from accessories to the wall clock, over watch and smart watch which calculate your body calories, all are made of stainless steel. In fact, it is being utilized in the recently introduced fitness watches by the Swiss watch industry and Apple industry.

One of the foremost causes of its preciousness is its hardness. When it is in full fledge mushy and annealed state, it’s around 155 Vickers, but upon totally hardening, it can hit up to 390 Vickers which creates it 70% harder and stronger than platinum and white gold. This high-profile feature depicts the fact that it has a peculiar resistance against dents, dings, wear and scratches as compared to platinum and white gold.

Moreover, the anti-corrosive feature of stainless-steel uprises its usefulness in the watch industry. It resists the degradation and rust in humid conditions and imparts long lasting and shiny effects. Furthermore, stainless steel exhibits an anti-oxidation property, which led it to stand against turning the watches black.

It has been approved by the biological experts that stainless steel is a harmless substance. The chances of allergies and skin irritation by the watches to the consumers has been reduced to a greater extent. Anyhow, there could be minute cases of nickel allergy. For further reducing these allergic reactions to be happened, producers are utilizing another exclusive grade of stainless steel, termed as duplex stainless steel.

In contrast to the materials previously used, stainless steel poses a significant worth owing to the fact that it is not just of good quality, but also adds a glamourous glance to the timepieces. Stainless steel is considered a much better material for a watch case as stated in candidly engineering terms.