Given the current situation, delivery times can be between 24 to 48 hour.

Check the delivery date when the order is concluded and follow the shipment on the tracking link that we send you at the time of shipment.

When the package is shipped from our warehouses, you will receive a shipping confirmation email in which you will find a link to click on and follow the delivery that takes place between 9.00 and 18.00, from Monday to Friday.

Timetables may vary by area.

We advise you to check the link to be updated in real time on every possible variation.

Access the " My orders " section to check your shipment.

It is not possible to change the delivery method from standard to express. You will only be able to select the "express delivery" mode when the order is concluded and not later.

Shipping address change

Did you place an order and want to change the delivery address?

You can change it and contact the courier by providing the tracking code to identify your shipment.

Where can I find the tracking number or the shipping number?

At the time of shipment, we send you an email containing the tracking link to follow the order. By clicking on that link you can view the shipping code or number.

Express delivery

How do I track express shipping?

You will receive a tracking link as for orders with standard shipping.
You will see the delivery date during the conclusion of the order.
Express delivery takes place from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

I am looking to buy with express delivery but I don't see the option

If the area in which you live is not served by express delivery, this method will not be proposed to you when the order is concluded.
Partner items are also excluded from the offer.
If you choose express delivery you can only pay by credit card or PayPal.

I chose standard delivery but I changed my mind and I want express delivery.

It is not possible to change the delivery method from standard to express.
You can select the "express delivery" mode only at the time of order conclusion and not later.
In case of total return of the order, the cost of standard shipping will be refunded.
If you need your package to be delivered faster you can choose the express delivery with Dhl for € 7.95.

Fast delivery

Items marked with the Fastest Delivery  logo will be shipped faster than standard delivery. You can check the delivery date at the time of order conclusion and track the shipment through the tracking link that we will send you when the package is shipped.

The faster delivery  does not involve any additional expense for all orders starting from € 24.90.

If your order is made up of several items, delivery will be faster only for those with this logo . 
In that case, your order will be shipped  in two separate packages  and normal delivery times will be provided for products without a logo.